London, UK

Conversion Specialist: Driving Growth through Optimized Experiences


We are seeking a Conversion Specialist (CRO) who possesses expertise in A/B testing, strategy implementation, analytics monitoring, and e-commerce experience optimization. Collaboration with cross-functional teams will be pivotal in achieving outstanding results.


As a Conversion Specialist (CRO), your focus will involve creating A/B testing strategies, implementing data-driven optimizations, collaborating with our team, creating landing pages, and structuring content to increase conversions.


We are looking for a Conversion Specialist who embodies the following qualities:

• Analytical Mindset: You will demonstrate an analytical mindset, leveraging data to inform decision-making and drive results.

• Excellent Problem-solving Skills: Your excellent problem-solving skills will enable you to navigate challenges and find innovative solutions.

• Detail-oriented: With a keen eye for detail, you will meticulously focus on delivering exceptional user experiences.

• Strong Communication and Collaboration Skills: Your strong communication and collaboration skills will enable effective teamwork with cross-functional colleagues.

• Adaptability: Thriving in a dynamic and fast-paced environment, you will embrace change and adapt quickly.

• Results-driven and Goal-oriented: As a results-driven individual, you will have a strong focus on continuous improvement, constantly striving to achieve objectives.

• Passion for Excellence: We value a Conversion Specialist who is passionate and obsessed with excellence. Your constant drive to innovate and improve our regional efforts will keep us ahead of the competition and ensure our success.

• Growth Mindset: We seek a candidate who is willing to step outside their comfort zone and embrace challenges. A growth mindset and eagerness to learn and develop are highly appreciated.

• Timeliness and Reliability: Meeting deadlines and demonstrating a strong work ethic are essential. We require someone who can consistently deliver and take responsibility for their tasks and the region.

• Honesty and Transparency: Open communication and trust are core values for us. We encourage individuals who are honest, transparent, and comfortable sharing their thoughts and ideas with the whole team.


• Proven track record of successfully optimizing conversion rates and driving growth in an E-commerce environment

• Proficiency in A/B testing methodologies and tools (such as Google Optimize, Optimizely, and VWO)

• Experience with data analysis and web analytics platforms (such as Google Analytics, Fathom, or Humblytics)

• Strong understanding of user experience (UX) principles and best practices

• Familiarity with front-end development technologies in Webflow (HTML, CSS, JavaScript)


Our career opportunity provides a range of benefits:

• Exciting opportunity to build, lead, and grow a regional business

• Competitive salary and benefits package

• Professional development and growth opportunities

• Collaborative and inclusive work culture

• The chance to make a significant impact in a growing market