Remote / Germany

UI/UX Designer: Bringing ideas and visions to visual designs


We are looking for a talented individual who brings their creativity and vision to our work, adding a unique personality to our team. In this position as a UI/UX Designer, you will collaborate closely with other designers and problem solvers to create innovative websites and products that set new standards.


Your primary role will be to conduct user research and translate your findings into visually captivating wireframes, prototypes, and high-fidelity designs. You will leverage your creativity to seamlessly integrate design elements and evaluate the usability and user experience. Moreover, you will be responsible for developing prototypes for new product concepts and conducting tests to facilitate the implementation process. Consistent user research will be a fundamental aspect of your job. You will maintain open communication with our CEO and deliver regular feedback to fellow team members.


We are looking for someone who embodies the following qualities for our UI/UX role:

• Empathetic: The ability to understand and address the needs and emotions of the users is crucial. Being empathetic helps create designs that provide a seamless experience and cater to user pain points.

• Analytical: Strong analytical skills are essential for interpreting user research, feedback, and metrics. It is important to transform data into effective design solutions in the field of UI/UX.

• Go-getter mentality: We value individuals who are determined to achieve outstanding results. Taking initiative and going the extra mile to exceed expectations is highly desired.

• Passion and obsession: We seek someone who is deeply passionate about their work and has genuine enthusiasm for what they do. A strong drive to constantly improve and elevate their skills is important.

• Growth mindset: We value candidates who are willing to step outside their comfort zone and embrace challenges. A growth mindset and eagerness to learn and develop are highly appreciated.

• Timeliness and reliability: Meeting deadlines and having a strong work ethic are essential. We need someone who can consistently deliver and take responsibility for their tasks.

• Honesty and transparency: Open communication and trust are important to us. We encourage individuals who are honest, transparent, and comfortable sharing their thoughts and ideas with the team.


• +2 years of Experience in UI/UX Design

• Portfolio showcasing UI Design work

• Detail-oriented

• User-oriented problem solver

• Excellent interpersonal and communication skills

• Critical thinker

• Organized and independent


Our career opportunity offers numerous benefits. You will enjoy flexibility and responsibility, as fixed working hours are irrelevant to us as long as tasks are completed on time. As a remote-oriented company with a twist, we enable agile work practices, foster creativity, and ensure efficient operations. You can freely choose whether you want to continue working remotely or join us at one of our headquarters. We place great importance on continuous professional development for our international and diverse teams to stay up to date and continue growing. Our transparent compensation system and internal training opportunities support your career advancement.