Remote / Germany

Webflow Developer: Bringing concepts to life with the power of Webflow.


We are looking for someone who transforms visual concepts (from Figma) into vibrant experiences. You will also create, maintain, and optimize high-quality products, websites, and applications using Webflow. You will collaborate closely with other designers, developers, and problem solvers to develop groundbreaking products.


In this position, you will be responsible for developing, managing, building, and maintaining websites using Webflow. You will utilize your troubleshooting skills and ability to solve technical issues. You will develop high-quality solutions and web applications, with a focus on optimizing applications for speed, scalability, SEO, and responsive design. By writing custom HTML, PHP, CSS, and JavaScript, you will contribute to the advancement of existing websites and applications. Additionally, handling support requests on a daily basis will be part of your responsibilities.


We are looking for someone who embodies the following qualities for our Webflow Developer role:

• Passionate: We want someone who is genuinely passionate about web development and has a genuine excitement for creating visually stunning and functional websites. Your passion will drive you to continuously enhance your skills and stay up-to-date with the latest trends in web design.

• Detail-oriented: We value meticulousness and precision in our work. As a Webflow Developer, you should have a keen eye for detail, ensuring that every element on the website is visually appealing and aligned with the overall design.

• Collaborative: Collaboration is essential in our team. We are seeking a team player who enjoys working in a collaborative environment, collaborating closely with designers, UX professionals, and other developers to bring the best ideas to life.

• Problem Solver: As a Webflow Developer, you will encounter various challenges along the way. We are looking for someone who enjoys problem-solving, finding innovative solutions, and overcoming obstacles to deliver high-quality web experiences.

• Strong Communication: Clear and effective communication is crucial in any team. You should be able to articulate your ideas, discuss technical concepts, and communicate progress effectively with both technical and non-technical team members.

• Dynamic and Adaptable: The web development landscape is constantly evolving. We need someone who is dynamic and adaptable, willing to learn new technologies, and able to quickly adapt to changing project requirements.

• Growth mindset: We value candidates who are willing to step outside their comfort zone and embrace challenges. A growth mindset and eagerness to learn and develop are highly appreciated.

• Timeliness and reliability: Meeting deadlines and having a strong work ethic are essential. We need someone who can consistently deliver and take responsibility for their tasks.

• Honesty and transparency: Open communication and trust are important to us. We encourage individuals who are honest, transparent, and comfortable sharing their thoughts and ideas with the team.


• 2+ years of experience with Webflow

• Good understanding of design software (Figma)

• Knowledge of HTML/CSS and JavaScript

• Experience in integrating third-party services and APIs in Webflow

• Willingness to set up analytics tools such as Mixpanel, Optimizely, and Google Analytics for the websites you create

• Good understanding of CMS collections and elements in Webflow

• Development of responsive interfaces with meticulous attention to detail

• Experience with Frameworks (BEM, Client First, MAST, or Lumos)

• Strong problem-solving and analytical skills

• Excellent communication skills

• Profound understanding of Webflow

• Proven track record of developing high-quality products

• Flexibility and focus on solutions


Our career opportunity offers numerous benefits. You will enjoy flexibility and responsibility, as fixed working hours are irrelevant to us as long as tasks are completed on time. As a remote-oriented company, we enable agile work practices, foster creativity, and ensure efficient operations. We place great importance on continuous professional development for our international and diverse teams to stay up to date and continue growing. Our transparent compensation system and internal training opportunities support your career advancement.